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I think I have cabin fever!

family Jan 02, 2022

I think after 3 weeks I'm experiencing "cabin fever". I have a wild craving for a Costco trip, InstaCart and UberEats. Maybe I'm a spoiled human but with the cold snap we've been having PLUS school being delayed I'm pretty low on the patience. 

The snow and cold not stopping. Not even a little bit. The tiny is slowly disappearing & becoming part of the snow piles, but the ski hill will be amazing. Fingers crossed for warmer weather! 

Although it's been cold, for some reason and somehow we've also been super productive. Between cooking homemade bread, doing Rhetts reading lessons, Kinsley finishing 8 Anne of green Gable books - I need to remind myself that being in the house is OKAY, we don't have to be out and about to feel productive. 


Today after almost 3 weeks in the tiny I could feel a "sadness" creeping in. We had visions of going skiing almost every day during the Christmas break but when its -33 that's just not all that fun. I know it'll clear and nothing lasts forever but my goodness --- it's time for some warmer days please. 


January 1st & 2nd 2022 quick summary: 

I finally as 36 year old woman -- used a snowblower. This may not seem like a huge deal for many of you - but I'm pretty darn proud that I did it and it can be added to my list of skills lol. Doing things like this -- gives me confidence.  Every day I'm here in the mountains & tiny I am learning something new. And because my mom will need proof, Neil snapped a pic. 


  • The neighbour took the kids for a 1 hour walk on the property today - and it was exactly what I needed to just catch my breathe from "mom I need a snack" , or "can we play Monopoly". I'm recognizing that taking breaks doesn't mean I'm "lazy". 
  • Neil and I had a little 'date' hiking through the snow looking for what we are 99% sure was a family of "cats" near the tree. Bobcat, cougar...we're still not sure but it scared the crap out of me. I'll keep you all updated!
  • We installed a sensor light too -- just in case something, or something wild comes creepy crawling around it'll get startled. 

And as for life, I started praying again, I stopped for so long because of so many reasons (which is the worst time to stop.) This morning I reminded myself that the prayers helped for so many years, and that every time I see love I can feel it.

For those of you that are brand new to the story - I had quite an adventure for the past 2+ years.

I was stalked by someone I went on a few dates with - had to stop running my current business for awhile. Got divorced, lost my business, got sued, got evicted TWICE. So if you've made it this far - I promise, I will open up more and more each month as to why going Tiny was the best decision for our family.  Again my intention to open up is to capture memories but also to help women -- that's always been my goal, I think we are amazing. 

My heart broke into a million pieces when everything happened, even though I met the love of my life -- there were so many mountains I had to climb I had a hard time seeing through the fog.

But its lifted now....and I'm committed to my daily practice to pray using Marriane Williamson's book 365 days of miracles. 

Thanks for being here. If something resonates share it with your friends, or if you're reading in private -- I appreciate you. 

Megan xo 

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