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Lets talk money: city living vs tiny living

tiny money Jan 05, 2022

I had an amazing convo with a client/ friend Kimberly with Go to Girls (she’s out of Lethbridge Alberta), about this feeling of euphoria that I'm experiencing.

Living tiny & being in the mountains is filling my soul. I'm not just saying that because this is my journal - I mean it. I feel so happy. 

There's about 100 reasons I could list, but when her and I were chatting one of the big things that came up was money, and I thought geesus I should share some of the immediate MONEY things that are coming up for us. 

I wanted to give a quick money chat, even though I’m not quite in the after, let’s call it a current money chat. I think that saving money is a big reason why a lot of people go tiny.

We are definitely doing it for that reason too - and when we sat down a few months ago to make a "pro and con" chart -- money kept coming up. Money wasn't the DRIVING factor for our shift....but we did think on it so it is...

Our living in the city costs as of September 2021: 

Rent: $2200

Electricity: $300 

Internet: $180

Security system: $50 

Renters Insurance: $35
Water: $200 

Uber Eats /Skip dishes eating out:  $400 a month 

Gas: $500 a month

Tiny mortgage: $800 

Tiny Internet: $80

Random Amazon orders because I can get next day delivery: $400

School fees (private school) : $250

Groceries: $1500

$6800 city living cost per month *approximately 


Tiny home living in the mountains: 

Electricity: $100 

Internet: $80 

Security system: $0 - we have the dogs. 

Renters Insurance: $0

Home Insurance: $88

Water: $0

Uber Eats/ Eating out: $80 no uber eats here and we order pizza once a month 

Gas: $200 

Tiny Mortgage: $800 

Amazon orders: $100 (it takes forever to get here) 

Groceries: $1800 (a little more expensive) 

School fees: $0 (no private schools here) 

$3200 tiny living costs per month 

 $6800-$3200= $3600 savings. 

Holy shit. 

Math is NOT my strength, but just by being here, in the tiny home -- we are seeing a $3600 difference in the cost of living.


We don't eat out -- there just isn't a reason too and we're teaching the kids to cook and eat homemade foods more often. Gas - well we aren't in a city so getting places aren't as far and I'm running the business virtually. Groceries - we do pay more I increased it by a few hundred. We didn't necessarily say lets go tiny to save money, but we did say lets go tiny and move to Golden to live a DIFFERENT lifestyle. And here we are. 

But - there are some costs we just didn't expect this month - extra water cables & mishaps from the pipes freezing ($300), cargo trailer ($8000), my car battery died the day we got here ($800 later!), new ski boots ($700). Those things were just non-negotiable. I'll explain the ski boots - I am "cheap". I've been wearing the wrong size ski boots for 10 years, as well as a used jacket, a used pair of snow pants & a helmet that is from the 1980's. I just would rather get the kids stuff. 

 I will pay for a lot of things when it comes to the kids, or for gifts for others or ....whatever. But when it comes to myself I will literally kill my feet, be cold, do without to save $10. SO Neil - just said no Megan I'm buying your boots. What a man ;) Now I ski and don't complain -- so I think that money was well spent. 

I hope this helps - for us, this will put us WAY closer to saving for a home and not having to get a 25+ year mortgage. I like being honest on here - so don't leave shitty comments and ruin it - k? 

As usual - thanks for being here, ask questions and don't be afraid to say YES to making a big change my going tiny xo 

- Megan 

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