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family Dec 31, 2021

Megan & Neil

Being in a tiny home means a lot of time together, a lot of lessons & more communication than ever. "Mom are you in the bathroom I have to go", "Mom I can hear you and I'm trying to sleep"....

But what I really mean - is if something is bothering you, there's not a lot of opportunities to hide it. You won't go to your room and slam the door, or escape to a private space - you go for a walk, come back and chat about it. So we've been learning to talk ...a lot, all day, everyday.  

I'm already learning how to be more intentional with my words and actions.  

Every day I am practicing a new level of patience (and I'm not currently a 10/10 on that one), as of December 2021 I think I'm a 5/10. But I'm also learning ins since leaving the city - to  practice a new level of slowing down.

Being in a tiny means doing less things, and living in a small mountain town rather than a big city means you're forced to wait for things -- adjustments, patience and peace. 

But who am I? I'm a mom, a partner, an entrepreneur & still trying to figure out the rest of that bio. I gave birth to Kinsley 10 years ago & Rhett 7 years ago. I'd love to have a larger family but that's been put on hold for a little. I got divorced, was featured in Dwell & Insider for being a "dirvorcee living in a tiny" & just around the time those articles were published I found love on Hinge and discovered that I couldn't wait to do all the things with this man who is the yin to my yang. I always say that Neil feels like home. 

I own a Marketing Agency, I've had the company since 2014 but after divorce I had to change the name. It was once Hello Life Academy, and now operates as Megan Moore Marketing. Our family will open Mount7 Microgreens in March of 2022. Where we can provide fresh greens to families in the Golden BC area all year round.

I've  been passionate about a lot of things in my life - I've owned a fitness studio, ran a magazine that featured women entrepreneurs, I started and sold 1000's of online courses, I volunteered for a woman's shelter in Cochrane Alberta, and to be honest I loved doing them ALL.

I LOVE to try new things, I think that's what life is meant for...just exploring, doing, even if you don't do it forever - just go for it!

Which is what we're doing right now.

This time -- feels a "tiny" bit different. This isn't about creating courses or opening up something that will sell out.

This is about connecting with my family. I spent the first 8 years of Kins' life travelling across USA and Canada hosting live events, I missed things....a lot of things because I had a big mortgage, nannies taking care of the kids, and a terrible marriage that I just didn't want to be home for. I wasn't "present", but I was doing the best I could. 

I'm now re-discovering quiet.  I'm re-discovering what it's like to say "no I can't do that"....I'm learning to no longer consume products, order Uber Eats a few times a week and shop on Amazon because it's convenient.  I'm not watching the news or taking note of what so - and so - down the street is doing.

It's not about looking in my neighbours backyard and wanting what they want. It's about what's right in front of me...and having gratitude, respect & nature. It's about love. 

It's all about love. 

So why am I here? Why am I sharing this with you?

I'm a sharer. Always have been, and always will be. I started to feel bad about that in 2019 when I started to get a few of those so called "trolls" on the internet.   But - I love sharing what I go through, I can't help it! 

I am here to write about what tiny home living means, how it can help us as humans & what actually sucks about it (because keeping it real is a big one for me).

As a family we want to save enough money to build a house with nearly no debt and eventually rent out this tiny so others can enjoy the experience of spending time together without a TV or devices all day.

But like anything - we're taking it one day at a time.

We can't say what's going to happen. And Covid-19 was a big A-HA moment. 

In the summer of 2020 Neil and I sat around and talked about what would be the pros and cons of moving tiny.

The list of pros were huge, & and the cons were just our fears of making a change. 

Neil said "lets do it next summer".

Life, and God had different plans.

Our landlord messaged us THAT weekend while we were driving back into the city and said  he wanted to sell ASAP, he eventually tried to evict us twice - which was very stressful, and ultimately both denied were by the government) but we said lets go NOW.  

By November 2021 we packed up all of our belongings, sold 99% of our things and moved to the tiny.

We just did it.

We didn't know if it would work, we still don't.  We weren't sure  how the kids would adjust & we pertaining didn't have a vision board put together to follow.

So who is Neil?

Neil is a super human. At least I like to call him that, he is an electrician and we met in Calgary....during Covid-19! But really -- he is. I thank his mom all the time for raising a man who is patient, kind, hardworking and caring. His family comes first. We always come first. If a pipe is frozen in -35 he's out there fixing it.  He builds the sheds, puts up the gazebos, cuts the firewood, orders the business supplies, gets Megan her wine & plays outside with the kids. Not only that - he hauls the water, measures the things & never complains (seriously).  But the most important thing you have to know about Neil -- he is humble & kind (cue Tim McGraw). 

When he met me he didn't anticipate going tiny, quitting his job of 12 years or moving to a new province, hanging around two kids, fixing broken composting toilets & starting a Microgreens company. But he loves it - and he's our fave human. 

Kinsley & Rhett 

They have this love hate relationship with each other. One hour you'll see them being creative in the fort on the property - the next Kins is walking up the hill in tears saying how much of a jerk her brother is. But, they figure it out. Being in a tiny you have to - you can't hide, you can't ignore, and you have to sit at the dinner table no matter what. They love playing board games, reading Anne of Green Gables & finding mushrooms on the property. Kins is obsessed with figuring out the perfect bread recipe, and Rhett is always trying to build some type of experiment with things he finds. Right now - they're at a perfect age to be in a tiny ...but we'll see what happens in a few years! 

Enzo & Frank 

These dogs- biggest worry, biggest loves. Enzo is 15 (an old man!), and Frank is who knows how old because we adopted him just 3 years ago. I'm guessing Frank is 7? Together they watch for deer, cougars and strangers walking on the property. You can often find them taking up the entire sofa & not letting us sit on it. We love having them - and truly if we could we'd have a few more but 400sqft would be a bit too tight. We often  worry if they've gone off into the forest to find a bear or if Enzo may have wanted to leave the tiny to enter dog heaven (please give me more time with him!) 

I'm so happy you're here, and its nice to meet you. If any of this resonates share with a friend, and we're always available to chat on our social media!

(Find us here in our private Facebook community). 


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