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What mindset shifts have I made since tiny living?

projects Feb 04, 2022

It surprises me daily at the little things that have changed in a short time period. Like how I have certain labels that have been put on me - like minimalist, or hippie, or're "LUCKY". 

Lucky - is one of those words that just makes me roll my eyes full blown to the back of my head. 

I'm not lucky, I have made some choices that have really messed up my direction, and then I've made choices that have made my life pretty incredible. Like using the online dating app Hinge and then meeting Neil (aka the "dating app that's meant to be deleted") I highly recommend it lol! 

I see chemicals in a different way now. 

I can't clean with chemicals, because they end up directly back into my body.  And thanks to Go to Girls for the simple but effective recipes to clean my tiny. 

Why is this different now than when we lived in the city in a 3000 sq ft home? 

Now - my drain goes directly  into the area that my kids play and where my garden will grow = so if I pour some crazy wild chemical in it -- I know eventually I'm either eating it or the kids will accidentally eat it because that's what kids do : eat dirt lol. It just seems to be the direct impact of knowing what you're putting into your body. 

I'm starting to see food in a totally different way:

Although my kids still LOVE rice crispies & bear paws - because its 2022 and they are sugar addicts (sorry!) I don't have the pantry space to store a ton of "junkie" items like that. I have to have flour, chocolate chip...and the space to store things that can be made by me. That means - it's either I store flour and make homemade bread, or buy bear paws and the only people eating them are the kids. 

I have a lot of acres to play with to garden - so I'm seeing a lot of creative ways to grow food. Buying a 50 pack of artichoke seeds from West Coast seeds coast me $3-$4, that's a lot of artichokes vs not being able to find them at the grocery store. And -- to be honest who knows if they'll grow and produce, but the process of watching them grow = is really neat! 


Growing a frigin' vegetable is tough work. The moisture, humidity, soil, love...every single detail has to be pretty close to spot on. So when my little artichokes sprouted....I was like holy Hannah what a piece of magic.  I've also become really passionate about growing flowers, veggies, fruits, etc and things that will help us live a healthier life. I admit - I have NO idea if it'll work. But if it doesn't --- it's okay -- it's been a really fun thing to keep my hands busy outside of computers, iPads and phones. Tonight I went out to the cargo trailer with the Microgreens, and planted some of my seeds from Whistling Prairie Flowers.  I planted the sunflowers tonight -- just put those little seeds in a pot and pray they grow lol. It's only February (I know) but the idea of having seeds growing flowers in and around my life right now makes me smile and I hope I can get a sunflower or two! 


These are the beauties I ordered, and I really love her Instagram and pictures -- so of course I was like "umm mine are going to look exactly like this". 


Artichoke babies growing: 


Shifts on Work & Clients 

I take on and charge way less now.  I want to make money, I value money, and I know that money flowers everywhere.  Itt allows me to give back -   but I also want space sometimes.  MAYBE My money mindset isn't where it should be - or maybe it's perfect. When I take on clients now - I CHOOSE....I am not doing webinars to generate leads or seminars - I love clients and know that if I continue to market with ease they'll come to me xo 

I recognize after spending some time with myself -- that I love working with a variety of industries despite knowing that "niching" down is valuable. I really love working with Clothing Stores like Once Upon A Child Macleod Trail, and Beauty Bars like Distilled Beauty bar in Calgary, Restaurants like Moody's, Realtors like Dione Irwin, dance studios  like Ambition, The microgreens company MicroAcres I LOVE the variety, it is all so different and creative. 

I know a lot about a lot of different industries. And I adjust ....I can see the vision of a client, and because I've done a lot as a business owner (written books, opened up pilates studios, sold businesses, launched products, failed at launching products, launched podcasts, started a magazine- reached a million readers, hosted Airbnb's, hosted live events all across Canada and the United Sates,  made 7 figures...) I just get it. Although - still learning (because I am a life long do-er-experiencer-and-tryer). 

I see the dream, I get the dream, and I will work on a client account until they can believe in their own dream too xo   

I chose this career intentionally - when I help other people market I get to be creative in different ways rather than ONE specific way for my own business. 

 If you're looking for marketing support (shameless but obvious plug)  let us help you -  Megan Moore Marketing.


What am I craving right now:

A vacation. I know -- we did go to Mexico in December, and life is like a vacation. But my soul LOVES leaving, seeing, eating, and doing different things. The kids are off for two weeks in March and Neil and I don't have them -- so I'm thinking of doing a "house swap" with someone who wants to come to ski -- and we can go spend some time in a different place. Have you heard of this? I haven't -- but I'm bound to see it come to life! I think part of my "life" plan is taking incredible vacations every quarter. Putting it on my vision board ;)

My parents -- I want them closer...I want them right on the property and to spend the next 10+ years seeing the kids grow up, picking them up from school. Not because I need their help - because I value them as role models. I see that now....and I just want it to happen in the near future. 

I love you - I hope you have a beautiful weekend. xo 





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