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New Years eve in a tiny home

holidays Jan 01, 2022
TinyRosehip New Years eve

To be honest, New Years eve day was a hot mess - our pipes were frozen, we couldn't get water and the toilet although compostable because the pipes were frozen...wouldn't drain. I'd show you a picture but I'll save your eyes.

I'll talk about freezing pipes and exploding toilets in another entry.

We spent ALL day fixing the water & we were going to head over to the neighbours for a drink or two but by the time 7pm came we were exhausted. 

Rhett waited the entire day for us to play Monopoly & because it was -30 once again I set timers for 30 minute intervals for the kids to go play outside, come back in to warm up -- then go out again.

I got two driveway walks in,  told the toilet & freezing weather to fuck off & yes I'm still working on my patience levels.

My road rage from the city may be turning into "weather rage" in the mountains.

I love tiny living but if you have questions about winter in a tiny ask me when it's not winter, k? 

When we finally sat down to play our game at 9pm with our wine, chips & game faces on, the stress of the day disappeared. I don't know how or why - but for some reason the weight of these things doesn't weigh on my shoulders like the stress of someone else who is having a bad day & they take it out on you. I think it's because humans can be really mean - and the pipes -- well they just broke. 

Rhett won - he seems to be a master at Monopoly which is why I think he wants to play 

My fave part of the night, Kins decided she had a new strategy "TO BUY NOTHING", and somehow -- she beat me lol.

I was fast asleep at the table while everyone kept playing by 11pm - the fresh air and my daily driveway walks are perfect for falling asleep. 

My observations from New Years Eve and tiny living:

No questions were asked about space, or what anyone else was doing, no questions were asked about party hats or balloons. All the years in a big home and big spending didn't matter. Personally - in the past I would buy hats, order food, buy tons of alcohol, worry about the food I would serve and if someone would call to say they weren't coming I'd get emotional about it. I was a stress case about the holidays. This New Years I tried to dial for pizza - couldn't get through so made homemade French fries instead. No stress, no worries & I saved about $80 lol. 

The kids New Years eve in the tiny: 

The kids had a BLAST.

They were happy, we all had such a great time and the worry of water and freezing cold weather dissapeared. Kicking Horse Mountain cancelled their New Years Eve celebrations - and because it's been on and off Covid for the last few holidays we didn't even mention to the kids that we MAY have considered going. 

That's the thing with being tiny it is teaching us ALL to adapt to things not looking like our old suburban life. 


Happy 2022 to every single human being - I hope you shut the media off, get outside, try something new, and I hope your pipes don't freeze ;) 

Lots of love - Megan 
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