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Our little babies...

golden bc Feb 03, 2022

A few months ago I had the pleasure of working on the Instagram account for MicroAcres in Airdrie, Alberta. I had so much fun creating their Instagram reels and stories - they literally are the sweetest married couple,  and creating their reels and supporting their Instagram was so much fun. We results with their reels, check THIS one out ! Instead of trying to "pick the owners' brain" I actually hired him for some consulting sessions to ask him how I could create Microgreens in a cargo trailer in Golden, Bc. 

Ps. By the way -- I will always remember a coaching session I had with Sarah Jenks, where she said if you want to work with someone and learn from them BUY their stuff! That stuff with me - so I am a big believer don't pick peoples brains -- buy their stuff and then ask them questions!  

So after working on the marketing for MicroAcres in Airdrie, and being a super fan of Microgreens as a vegetarian....I knew when we got to Golden I would want to grow the 'greens. I was obsessed with the concept of being able to provide fresh food to people all year round even in a colder climate. I am a Taurus - and we LOVE playing in the dirt. 

When we were trying to figure out how to move our stuff from Airdrie to Golden, we looked into having a moving truck ($6,000), or buying a trailer for $8,000.  We spent the $8,000 on a cargo trailer that would become a greenhouse & then together  we birthed a new company Mount7 Microgreens. 

Neil and I sat down one night -- and decided lets do it. We were excited about the idea of eating fresh greens, and offering them to the town of Golden. And....admittedly we were excited about working together on something that we we were passionate about! 

So here we are....doing the darn thing, and loving it. That's what I love about what's happening with my life's just all of these things I'm saying YES to but first...learning to say no to the other things. 

I had a session with my therapist today - and I told her....I'm writing again, and it feels good. She had this incredible analogy that I'm going to share with you. 

She said --- throughout the day you have these "ingredients" these are moments that happen throughout your day (aka picking up the kids, or difficult phone calls, great convos with friends)... and at the end of the day by writing you are getting to actually see the full recipe come together. 

Genius. She's a genius and I am so thankful I started seeing her in October when things were getting difficult and a friend actually PAID for my session with her. By the way -- good friends do that....they just don't ask about how to support you...they find ways to show up and do it. *thank you*

Thanks to my therapist,  and to myself for writing again = I get to see the entire cake and EAT it too. Win, win. 

In between working full time, parenting so hard, setting up our new "life" here in Golden.....Neil & I converted the cargo trailer into a little greenhouse & we started our business...Mount7 Microgreens

My heart couldn't be happier with this new adventure --- playing in the dirt, building things, stepping away from the phone for a little. 

The kids love it, and they have asked multiple times for a list of's kinda one of those family businesses you dream about. 

I'm having fun marketing a brand new business, I'm creating websites, coupon codes...thinking of ways to reach more people. It's a way to use my creative brain again without feeling "guilt" or pressure to make a lot of money to leave a shitty situation. I think some of you may relate to that, passion projects that make money but also --- bring you so much joy you know you'd do it for free. I love my Marketing Agency -- but doing it for my own business is different.

People -- every single human - trust when I say you WANT Microgreens. And if you don't live super close to us -- find someone who is growing them. They're delicious on EVERY.SINGLE.THING. Our little babies are growing & we can't wait for you to eat them lol. 

I have to snap some photos - for progress but every time we're in the greenhouse I just get so excited and my hands are covered in dirt. I also really should have documented the conversion of the cargo trailer to a greenhouse BUT...I was just in the moment of creating. I will though --- because I think everyone should do it lol. 

Lots of love and happy almost weekend - Megan 


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