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What did we pay for the tiny, the land and other things?

living in the tiny Jan 27, 2022

One of the most common questions we get asked is the cost of our tiny. When I respond it's immediately followed by a GASP of what the heck you could've gotten a regular home for that price. So here's my thoughts.....

My immediate  thought -  people pay for things that surprise us every single day. I mean a cup of coffee is $5 at some shops, a purse could cost someone $5k just depends on the PERSON. 

Before I dive into our cost breakdown, I do want to talk about what's been going on in LIFE. So when the kids check back they can read this.


Rhett this is his SPACE. Playing outside, going on adventures, just living life without the pressure of the city:  ....I wish I could explain how he FEELS when he gets home. Rhett has not complained about going to school, he hasn't been sad about feeling "stupid" and he comes home excited about telling me all the things that happened in his day. This was worth moving, spending a shit ton of money and giving up a lot of stuff for. 

Kins - she's adjusting, she's stubborn like me -- she doesn't miss anything - but she just feels like its going to take time. I also love that one of my long time friends teaches at the school she goes to - so I get to "check in" on her every week! haha 

Neil - He started work, and he's working...and most people like work but don't love it and that's where he stands. 

Enzo & Frank: 

They love it, they find bones, they sleep on the sofa, they look for deer, they're living their best life. 

So life?

I'm alone in a tiny for 12+ hours a day and I love it. I get to set boundaries with people because I'm a little further away and I get to go on driveway walks without anyone asking me for a snack = it's the small things. 

I am exactly where I am meant to be xo 

Cost breakdown of some things: 

The price for our 42ft home in 2019 was 150,000 Canadian, and I got a loan to help pay for it! 

land in 2016: 300,000 this is paid off 

electricity to the property: 30,000 this is paid off 

driveway: $7,000 this is paid off 

deck space: $2000 paid 

Gazebo: $2000 and it already has to be replaced this year (necessary for living on the side of a mountain with mosquitoes) paid 

Skirting the front of the tiny where we keep our water: $2000 paid off 

Shed: $2000 (thanks mom and dad this has been a LIFE saver)

Cargo Trailer for moving and Microgreens business: $8000 

Some of my thoughts about pricing and costs: 

Depending on where you live the cost of building or buying a home is VERY different. Right now in Calgary the housing market is WILD and homes are selling for 50-100k OVER asking price. That's right -- your home for 300k may sell for 350k or 400k. My exact home that sold for 420 in 2020 could sell in 2022 for 520 (fuck).

Also - Call Dione Irwin if you need some realtor support she's amazing! *shameless plug I help  with their marketing but....also the team is incredible! 

We paid 150k for a FULL tiny house, and I feel that is 100% reasonable. I have a FULL house -- minus a few walls and square footage - it's actually designed exactly like a home. (Lets not mention the furnace again okay!?) 

Building costs in 2020+ have been insane, the price of lumber, shipping delays, trades....are expensive. And I think as a business owner I recognize and value that the cost to operate a professional company are HIGH. 

This home is 42 ft long...that's actually really big for a tiny, so the trailer, and price of materials is automatically going to go UP...way up. If I would've built a smaller home (haha) the cost would've been less. 

I know & am aware that resale on tiny homes is not great, so the investment you make --- make sure you are comfortable, confident and that it's more of a "long time thing". I mean who knows what the market will do - but I wouldn't feel confident that I could sell the home on its own for 150+. 

I think that it's neat we could move our home without having to hire a huge crane etc, so the "cost" of having a tiny home almost feels like a luxury to me. Which I was willing to pay more for. 

I'll be back more often again - work has been busy, life has been busy and I've been taking quite a few naps catching up from 5+ years of constant trauma in my life / stalker/ divorce/ eviction notices.  (#truthiscoming). 

Love you guys - thank you for reading, being here and sharing in our story. As usual please reach out and ask any questions! 


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