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Prioritizing projects at the tiny house and land

projects Jan 04, 2022
Tinyrosehip tiny home Megan Lockhart

What projects are we starting with (and some others): 

Every single day we have a new project idea or something we want to create with the property. Whether it’s a tree house or a way to capture rain water our minds are constantly going and thinking how can we make our life more full and a little easier for all of us. 

Although it's ONLY January 4th, it's important for me to think about what's coming up. While still living in the moment. Isn't that hard to do?

How can you enjoy what's happening right now but be prepared for the future? I still haven't figured this out - does it all come down with patience again?

BUT...realizing that there’s just a few weeks left until spring, my organized yet chaotic mind had this strong urge to sit down and map out what the heck we needed to do and in what order. 

So we did, Neil and I sat down to come up with a list of all the projects, dreams, visions, desires we have for the property and tiny right now. Everything from potentially putting in a giant pond/ pool for rain and pleasure - to growing our Microgreens, we just had to get it out of our minds and onto paper. 

 At first - when thinking about ALL the things, old Megan people would procrastinate, aka crawl into a hole and say nah we'll just do it later. And then the day to day life tasks that they I HAVE to do - dishes, laundry, getting gas for the cars would get done instead of some of the things that bring me joy.

I committed to this new lifestyle of tiny living on the side of a mountain,  which also means not ignoring things — just dealing with them.

Looking at them and knowing nothing is that hard if I just lace up. One small step towards whatever means at least it’s coming together. 

The first list was a bunch of shit, just words on the computer from “order seeds”, to “get a pump for the ravine to pump water up”. No sense — but this is how brains process projects when you’re not doing them for WORK, it’s pleasure…joy. 

Our project list: 

#1 - Megan’s Marketing Agency / Business (no costs and amazing clients but I'm craving that up-level growth feeling) 

#1 - Setup Airbnb Tiny Cabin (Spend $1000 spend/ potential income $500) 

#2 - Upcoming Mount7 Microgreens business (another $1000) 

#3 - Gazebo ($1800) *on the search for one! 

#4 - Garden area (food!) ($3000) 

#5 - insulate pipes for next winter! ($200) We actually started this one today - yay! Drove to Canmore, Alberta and bought a 25 ft heated cable. And over budget - the total came to $293 sooo now I recognize I also have no clue what things will actually cost.

#6 - Fire pit area ($1500) 

#7 - Rainwater capture / system ($1000) 

#8 - Barn/ Garage ($20,000) 

#10 - Pool/ Hot tub (pipe dreams…) ($50,000) 

#11 - House / 1100 ($300,000) 

#12- Airbnb the tiny (long term plan) ($3000) 

#12- Ravine/ water pump ($7500) 

Why are we doing them in the order we have outlined: 

#1 -  is there twice- because those HAVE to happen in order for us to live our life, buy the seeds, the toilet paper and visit our families ….and of course buy the Foch Malbec from Quails Gate. I also have a goal to continue donating money to women’s shelters - and hopefully give some Microgreens to the food bank each week to help each week. If those two #1’s don’t happen — we’re kinda in a pickle for our car payments and tiny home payment. 

#2 - Our new Microgreens business will cost money to get started, we’re keeping costs low and output low for the first 3 months to make sure we build up a waitlist & get systems, customer service in place. This will be a family project - the kids are excited about growing, Neils excited to build and I’m excited to get my hands in the dirt and harvest lol. 

#3 - Our gazebo broke last summer because of some heavy rain and not being put away property the year before (thanks ex husband). So we have to invest into a hard cover with mosquito nets. This is a MUST here - it acts as an outdoor living space for almost 5.5 months out of the year. We sit out there, eat all of our meals out there and spend evenings out there. All the way from the first weekend of May until Thanksgiving. If you know of any that are amazing and around $1500 message me! I have my eyes on a Palram for years - but it’s about $6,000. Not unreasonable - but it may have to wait until #4-11 are complete .

#4 - Garden area, I am SO excited about this. I am brand new to gardening outside of growing Microgreens in the house and flowers, and tomatoes and some other random things here and there. I’ve been back and forth for years and am finally here full time - so I can tend to the garden and make sure it’s getting enough water and love! I think if you love the food you create your body can feel that…so I’m really excited to give those little plants some TLC. I don’t THINK this first year we have it in the budget to build one, so I will try to do 4 raised beds and an electric fence around it. My heart is so sad about not having a greenhouse - but the point of this adventure is to SAVE for #11, and remember PATIENCE is something I have not had my entire life. 

#5 - We all know what happened New Years eve/ Day with the frozen pipes. I am not going through that again. SO we will start to work on this as it comes up. We started this by getting a hose today - they are bloody expensive but I won't have to pick frozen pee off the floor anymore (too much?). 100% worth it. We got THIS ONE.  If you own a tiny house - and live in Canada eh, buy it. 

#6 - Our fire pit area, outdoor space is important when you live in a tiny - and when you have a view that takes your breath away every time you see it, you want to make sure to enjoy it. This is also a really social area - and I love seeing friends and want to be able to sit around a fire and have experiences. Aka tell ghost stories….lol. 

#7 - Rainwater capture will become important when I have a bigger garden. For this year (2022) I’m going to capture it solely for the garden without having to worry about keeping it warm etc. This will be an experiment for the future house and future garden! So I’m excited to see how it comes together! 

#8 - #12- aren’t really going to get any headspace right now, except to reduce costs save money and have fun while doing it. I don't have the capacity to think of all them and don't want to overwhelm myself 

I really can't wait to dive into ALL of these, from the business to the fire pit there's so much learning that's about to happen. But instead of doing all of the things or procastinationg I'm going to stick pretty clear to this's important & aligns with the patience goals. 

Lots of love, I can't wait to show you these projects as they grow and come to life! As always reach out if you have questions on Instagram, or our Facebook group! 

Megan xo  

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