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Why a tiny house and not a mobile home?

getting ready to go tiny Jan 11, 2022

Why did I didn't chose a mobile home: 

1. The price of the mobile home I had quickly looked at was 260-300k not including the foundation, and delivery, that price was just not what I wanted to spend on something that wasn't part of my "vision' or dreams. 

2. I knew that with a tiny - I would probably want to Airbnb it. 

3. When I spoke to various mobile home companies -- a lot of them couldn't deliver to Golden because of the highway's through Banff (the animal crossing etc) or the other way from BC the passes from Revelstoke to Golden.

4.  Mobile homes require foundation - and hookups (normally) and are a lot bigger. They also don't have a lot of "adjustments" that you can make aka can you add a loft please?

5. I needed a house within 4-6 months in 2020, and a lot of the mobile homes that I was looking at - didn't really seem to be able to do that as a custom build. 

6. The truth is -  actually just didn't want a mobile home, it wasn't a this vs that for me - I wanted a tiny home on wheels. I didn't even want to build a permanent/ single detatched  home - I wanted tiny. 


Why I chose a tiny: 

1. I wasn't sure if I wanted to actually pick a PERMANENT spot for my home yet. 

2. I knew I wanted to potentially move it if I sold the land (I wasn't sure what life was going to look like in a few years / aka would I want to live in Golden alone with the kids or would I end up back in the city near my friends?) 

3. The payments are low (about $800 a month and the down payment was also low (10k) so if I chose to Airbnb it...I knew I would have to recover about $1000 a month which is do-able 

4. I liked the idea of completely changing my lifestyle -- not just a little but COMPLETELY diving into a new way of living. It felt like it was going to be the start of a transformation that I needed and wanted. 

5. Tiny meant more location freedom. Although I won't be moving the house from Golden to Florida or anywhere hot (I wish!), I knew that if I did decide to build a more permanent home in the future - I could move the tiny 100+ft and rent it out or use it for the kids as their future home or I could SELL it to anyone in the world (kinda cool). 

6. I looked at the tiny -- and thought if something breaks it's not a BIG expense If the floor needs replacing in a few years -- the floor is small. If the place needs to be painted -- it felt manageable. Everything felt like I could manage it. 

What's my long term plan with the tiny & maybe even life (5 years):

In 5 years Kinsley will be 14, and Rhett will be 12....I would say that they would be fairly uncomfortable in a loft and as teenagers have different demands from a home. But I really don't know - maybe they'll love it, maybe they'll hate it, maybe they'll be motivated to buy their own at 14 lol.

Although I love having a plan - I also don't believe  in having the EXACT way to live life. Goals change, desires adjust -- mindset shifts. Last year if you would've asked me where I'd be right now I would've said Airdrie, renting my home just doing the best I can with the marketing company and life.

But -- it doesn't work like that all the time. In September our landlord told us he wanted us "gone", tried to evict us...and by Nov 30th we were moving to Golden full time in the Tiny. I WILL say though --- I did say multiple times (so God was listening) that I wanted to be in Golden full time by summer 2022. He just....sped up the process! 

What would I really want to create THIS YEAR if no one was listening and my judgement never crept in: 

I want to have $50,000 in savings, pay down some debt, take my parents & kids on a trip for 2 weeks somewhere warm and different. I want to feed people Microgreens, Continue to support awesome business owners from all over the world with their marketing goals, expand the team at MMM to offer more services (aka PR/ Media ) Also --- finally hit publish on my book, have 2 more babies (twins in a tiny???),  play tennis 1x a week, ski during the winter, have a garden that I can get dirty in & eat from almost all year round, have deeper relationships with Kins & Rhett -- and remind people that your allowed to change your vision board daily, weekly, or even hourly. 

That's it. (Haha). But I just know that all of those things if they're  meant for me...and I put one foot in front of the other = they'll happen xo 

Lots of love - Megan 

P.S if you have questions, comments I'm always open to a conversation over in the Facebook group or the Instagram account.

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