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Traveling in Canada: Copperpoint Resort in Invermere, British Columbia

family Feb 15, 2022
Megan Moore - Copperpoint Resort Invermere BC

British Columbia is one of my favourite provinces, and how lucky am I as of December 2021 to live here full time. THIS is my backyard! It's amazing to me that so many of us who have lived in Canada our entire lives haven't explored so much of it's beauty. Being only 3 hours away from Calgary Alberta, and 1 hour from my current home base of Golden BC Copperpoint Resort is our fave weekend getaway winter, summer, spring or fall! (Seriously!). I truly believe that if you have a family (and pets!) or are a couple you should add this to your getaway list. 


Copperpoint Resort is located in Invermere British Columbia, about 3 hours west of Calgary. When you get there  you see a ton of Alberta License plates but after you visit you'll understand why - it's beautiful! 

What I love about this resort?

I have done quite a bit of travelling in Canada, and this resort makes you feel like you're truly at a RESORT. It feels like you're on vacation: the golf course, the pool, the lounge chairs, the cabana with drinks in the summer time, the patios with a BBQ - it's relaxing....and perfect. You don't have to get on an airplane, you don't have to figure out what to do with the dogs you can book a room with 2+ bedrooms to get some privacy - it's amazing! 

What else do I love about this resort?

The pets! I know I mentioned it above - but often we look for places to stay and we say  we can't go because we would have to sort out the dogs. Sorting out your DOGS is never easy unless you have family who loves to adopt them often. We don't have that - Copperpoint charges a fee to bring your pets - and I am so thankful for it. 

The price is reasonable. I know "reasonable" is perspective, so let me explain. The prices vary depending on season and type of room, but not once have I looked at the prices and said "this is too expensive". If you go...and see what the resort offers I think you'll say the same. 


Why we love Copperpoint in the summer:

  • Neil loves to golf, and while the kids sleep in he gets to experience the beauty of the course 

  • The lounge chairs & Cabana with drinks = I get to sit by the pool while my kids swim and sip a margarita 
  • Copperpoint is a 5 minute drive from Kinsmen beach which is great if you want to break up your day from pool 
  • The patios & BBQ's. Every room has a patio with a BBQ, giving you the option to COOK instead of eating out every evening 
  • Dogs - again, letting the dogs outside especially if you have a ground floor room - is so easy and amazing. 

Why we love Copperpoint in the winter: 

  • You are 15 minutes from Panorama Ski Resort
  • We get to skate on the same "beach" that we hang out at during the summer months. You can also rent cross country skis and sometimes there's a hot chocolate truck too! 

  • You can use the BBQ's outside on the patio and our kids think this is the most important piece;
  • You can use the POOLS! This is a huge plus for the kids - they can swim "outside" in the winter, which is a pretty liberating feeling in Canada when its -10

This photo is this past weekend,  February 2022! 


I've stayed at Copperpoint Resort a handful of times (I believe 5 now!) and every single time I book I have an amazing experience. 

Extra tips when travelling to Invermere and Copperpoint: 

  • Eat at their restaurant Elements, Neil and I are vegetarians and they have the BEST buffalo cauliflower wings in the summer
  • Check out the Invermere bakery - the one with the giant pretzel on top my kids LOVE checking it out on every visit. Note - it's not open on Sundays (we found this out in February)! 
  • Book early - I have been noticing this place is getting busier and busier with every visit! 
  • You may want to check out the paddle board rentals in the summer at Kinsmen beach - this is SUPER fun. They also rent out life jackets so no need to pack all your gear. 

I am excited to talk about these adventures that we're having. Getting away from the tiny house feels great -- the longer showers, the larger spaces feels refreshing every once in awhile, and now because of our full time living in a tiny home we appreciate the experience even more. 

Lots of gratitude - 

Megan xo 

Our family of four lives in a 400sqft tiny home, while running a Marketing Agency in Golden British Columbia.  

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