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Weekly Re-cap for our tiny living life

family Feb 13, 2022

The last week at the tiny has been - incredible, busy and once again transforming. 

What's been going on the last week:

  • Our Microgreens are growing growing and growing -it's INCREDIBLE I'm hoping that we get more orders when I do a marketing sprint next week! 
  • I met up with a friend who I grew up with in Timmins and I can't wait to see her every week (we live about 10kms away from each other again in Golden, BC) 
  • I on boarded a few new clients for Megan Moore Marketing and can't wait to be part of their marketing
  • We took a mini - vacay to Invermere, BC to get groceries, a de-humidifier and stay at our favourite interior resort Copperpoint 
  • Rhett got a black eye from a snowball & he's okay lol 
  • Neil built me two 4x16 garden boxes (I can't wait to show you!) 
  • My artichoke seeds are growing & some of the other veggies are coming up ...with the weather we've been having I think it'll be an early gardening season! 
  • My Ranunculus from Whistling Prairie Flowers have sprouted (indoors of course)! & 
  • The airbnb is renting out and I'm admittedly both surprised but thankful! (Click here to see it) 


Microgreens business: 

The weather has been incredible. The sun is letting us know that living on the side of the mountain is PERFECT! With the weather being above 0 every day and the sun just shining on the tiny. This isn't common - usually it's snowy. cold...and 

Our tiny house is sitting proud and waiting patiently for gardening season, and our Mount7 Microgreens are overwhelming our mini greenhouse.

We did a few different trials to make sure we "nailed it", and I'm happy to say we are! Our system is pretty much 100%, I do want to say thanks to Dave and Kirstin from MicroAcres - I hired them a few months ago for consulting to clarify some things and they've been an amazing resource! 

We had to buy a larger dehumidifier - the greenhouse is hitting 70 for humidity and its WET in there sometimes lol. So every week is a learning process but the microgreens are growing successfully and we can't wait to deliver them in Golden. 

Okay, look at these Microgreen radish from our FIRST harvest! 

Copperpoint Resort

We took full advantage of a quick one nightas mini "vacay" at Copperpoint Resort in Invermere. The kids have Monday off - and we were kind-of feeling the urge to get in the car for a quick getaway. Copperpoint lets dogs stay - so packing up the dogs, kids and a small bag meant we could go to Canadian Tire and No frills too! It's the small things when you live in a mountain town. 

Proud to say - they are SO tasty and ready for delivery, although our first delivery isn't set until March 1st lol. We gave ourselves tons of time to do some trial, error ....and it's looking so good! 

I'm going to write about how much I love Copperpoint Resort tomorrow. We've been going every season for the last few years...and the kids are really starting to consider it a "tradition". It's an hour away from the tiny and gives us that little boost when we feel tight on space! How great is it to be able to swim OUTSIDE in February in British Columbia? I did make a cute little Reel On Instagram because I was so excited. You can watch that HERE. 

My Ranunculus flowers from Whistling Prairie Flowers:

I'm living in a place where green trees and dirt.....are common. And I love pretty things. I love pink, I love soft....and I really hope these grow. I followed the directions to a TEE that they sent, and so far....there's 3/5 that sprouted from the corms so I'm hoping they blossom like this beautiful picture from her website. Fingers cross -- I'll keep everyone updated too! They were in the "dark" in my closet for 10 days...and just started to pop up. I don't have any pictures because it just looks like dirt with a spec of green trying to come up. But hoping next week they really "push through" 

I'll be back to write some more this week! I am so thankful for this weather and for February xo 


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